About Us

Welcome to The JK Knitting

Jk Knitting Socks Factory is one of the most reputable manufacturers of socks in Pakistan. We manufacture a range of high-quality socks for all the family needs.

Who Are We

We make awesome things that you can wear. We believe ordinary can be extraordinary. 100% customer satisfaction is a power tool for Jk Knitting to continually make progress. We effectively control the cost and quality of products, and our factory has been selling well every year since it opened, even in short supply so as to meet the needs of customers.

Our Mission

In a world that tries to dictate how you can be, it takes bravery to be yourself. We make awesome things to wear that defy the world’s expectations. Jk Knitting believes everyone has a unique voice that deserves to be heard. We believe in unicorns, sasquatch, and all the magical things that color outside the lines. We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone felt encouraged to be their authentic self.

What We Do

Our Process Of Making Socks


Setting the Tone

We start by ensuring that we know exactly what you need in your socks. Here, we ask you about your specific designs, the patterns, the machinery work, and the selection of the yarn. Once all this is provided, your work starts.


Designing Your Socks

Here, we determine the right patterns and designs for your socks. As a cotton socks manufacturer, we shall get your labels, packaging, and hangtags ready. Our team of designers can do all this for you.


A Sample is ready

Once we have agreed on a design and all details, we shall send you a sample in not more than 7 days. Unless you need a customized sample, we won’t charge you any production fees.


Pattern coding and yarn section

Your desired custom socks design is turned into codes that are understandable to the knitting machines. When this is done, your socks can now be produced. As for yarn selection, we use the company’s knitting yarns that are 80% cotton and 20% mixed fabrics. This should be good for you considering that we are the best socks manufacturers Pakistan has.


Dying Process

This is the next step after you have chosen the yarn for your socks. The coloring and dying process begin. We have a default colorpalette that you can choose from or our experts can do the color matching for you.


Knitting the Socks

After all the above steps are taken, this is the next step in the production process. The programmed designs and all procedures necessary are followed to ensure that you get the best product from the best wholesale sock manufacturers in Pakistan.


Inspection process

This is the stage where quality assurance comes in. The first inspection takes place after the production line is out. Our workers take their time to inspect every piece of the product before production continues and the second inspection is done.


Boarding, Pairing, Labeling of the socks and the Final Inspection

Boarding is the next stage and ushers in the next stage where the socksare ironed and kept in good shape. They are then taken into a certain degree of temperature and pressure so that they are tidy and bright. The final product is the approved socks and these are paired and are finally inspected. Once they are proven to be the best quality, they are labeled, given hangtags, and are packed.



This is the last stage of our production process. You can trust JK Knitting, your stocking manufacturers to deliver your order in the best way possible to wherever you are in the world.

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